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Alien Sex Fiend A perennial presence on the UK Goth scene since their foundation in 1982, the Fiends invite you to a dark circus where the clowns have taken over and someone's put something nasty in your soda. Goth simply wouldn't be the same without their groovy chaos.  
Attrition Respected English electronic project whose evocative classical flourishes have endeared them to the Goth crowd. Esoteric and intriguing, Attrition are capable of conjuring driving dance as well as ambient and electronic moods.  
Avoidance of Doubt AOD really are a hybrid, manipulating loops and grooves from Industrial, Trance, drum'n'bass and adding Acid or Rebirth bass lines, classical instruments, ethnic sounds, the list is endless! Official site.  
Bauhaus Whether they like it or not, these arthouse rockers became the godfathers of Goth courtesy of THAT hypnotic Bela Lugosi dirge and frontman Pete Murphy's striking cheekbones. Monoliths in the history of modern Goth.  
Black tape for a blue girl A trip into the vulnerable inner self courtesy of keyboard maestro Sam Rosenthal's touchingly personal compositions. Dreamy, ambient electronica rather than industrial angst.  
Cocteau Twins Distinctive multi-coloured stalwarts of the UK indie scene, some of whose darker moments have endeared them to the Goth crowd, but were too fey and fickle to ever please the purists. A psychedelic curate's egg.  
The Creatures What Siouxsie did next... Alongside tribal percussionist Budgie, while the divine Ms Sioux may be more alternative than Goth these days (maybe she always was) her band continues to delight more broadminded denizens of the dark.  
The Cure A pop band as far as many purists are concerned, be that as it may Robert Smith's crew have introduced a welcome, and often claustrophobically introspective dose of style and thought into the music charts, taking many black-clad creatures of the night along for the ride.  
The Damned In there at the start, both of the punk and Goth scenes, and worthy of your respect for that alone, though always rather too brash to be Goth and too classy to be punk. Dave Vanian personified the male proto-Goth almost as much as Siouxsie Sioux set the template for the Goth babe. And they're still going strong!...  
Dead Can Dance This site is arguably the definitive Dead Can Dance resource just as Dead Can Dance were arguably the definitive ambient act. The sumptuous sounds of this duo somehow feel more authentic than the real medieval, arabic and folk influences they draw upon.  
Das Ich Hard, hard-hitting industrial music, with strictly German lyrics adding to the harsh, foreign atmosphere. Official site.  
Deine Lakaien Avant-garde instrumentalists from Germany whose marriage of Darkwave and Techno is just perfect for the dingy dancefloors of Europe's alternative scene.  
Einstuüerzende Neubauten Einstürzende Neubauten have long made a career of taking a wrecking ball to the staid towers of musical convention. Their seminal industrial excess having become a musical institution in Germany. Official site.  
Electric Hellfire Club A hellish carnival of psychedelic Satanism, where electronic and industrial elements are whipped into shape by exuberant rock guitars. Not only does the Devil have all the best tunes, but he obviously has the most fun playing them!  
Evil's Toy    
Garden of Delight If occultism is your bag, then musical mystics Garden of Delight should intrigue you, having blurred the barriers between recording, performance and magical ritual. They concentrate on the darker end of the spectrum, exploring the work of 'Great Beast' Aleister Crowley and evoking the malign gods created by horror author H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.  

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