The Old Curiosity Shop

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Past Life
Who did you used to be
on your last visit to this earth?
Find out here...
Past Life - find out now by clicking here...  
Hangman - play now, click here. Hangman
Guess the word in time and save your soul.
Goth Invaders
Shoot those evil Bats, Spiders
and Wolves out of the sky
with your trusty cross-bow
and try and beat your high-score.
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Brain In A Jar - click to play Brain In A Jar
Try our brain for size with your unanswerable questions.
OCS Tarot
Try our 4 card spread Tarot.
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OCS Tarot - try it now, click here

  Dr Decapitos And you thought Frankenstein’s monster was ugly!
Make your own fuzzy-felt henchman.
Byron, Coleridge, Poe, eat your hearts out.
You can do better than that with Mr Quilp’s new machine!
Dead Poets Corner  
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