The Old Curiosity Shop

Surreal, Industrial...  
Gallery of Black Art
  ...and Black Fantasy Artworks

Create your dark dreams and nightmares, your gothic, surreal, industrial and black fantasy artworks,
and send them to Mr. Quilp as digital images. He will hang them in the Gallery of Black Art
and reveal your deranged mind to the legions of disturbed aesthetes.

Worthy submissions will be credited and hung on display in the GALLERY OF BLACK ART.

Unleash your pent-up subconscious. You have nothing to lose, and may just gain your merciful release.


To send your works of art:
Make sure your picture is no more than 400 pixels (wide) X 400 pixels (high).
Save the photo as a JPEG (JPG) or PNG file, not exceeding 100 K in size.

Then enter the Gallery of Black Art and click on the 'Upload Pic' link. Fill in all the fields for your artwork (If you would like to include the title of the piece,
a few details about yourself, such as your location, interests, what inspired you, and even your e-mail address for the like-minded to contact you
- Old Curiosity Shop does not hold responsibility for any mis-use of your personal details) and then click the 'Browse' button to upload your picture from your computer.
Your file browser will appear where you can navigate to the image on your computer and click 'Open'.
When you've finished adding your details, submit your artwork by clicking the 'Upload your Black Art'.

If you trouble yourself to go to this small effort, Mr. Quilp will be incorrigibly happy to add your artwork to his Gallery,
for the admiration of both yourself and your fellow brethren everywhere.

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