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Bizarre art, design and literature
Subterranean Press:   Specialising in top class horror, Subterranean are world leaders in cutting-edge dark fiction in collectible editions. Dare you miss out?  
Feral House:   The publisher that refuses to be domesticated, printing incendiary tracts for the apocalypse culture!  
The Smoking Gun:   Proves they really are out to get you with a mind-bending collection of documents THEY don’t want you to see...  
Weird Tales:   The pulp magazine that gave birth to twentieth century horror. Read about in its various manifestations in this creepily informative site.  
Neurotic Poets:   It seems that the only good poet is a mad one, and this site pretty much confirms it. Learn about some of literatures most lyrical lunatics.    
Pandora Station:   while not as active as it once was, this ‘Pleasurecraft of Renegade Sex Goddesses’ still provides an excellent intro to the work of dark novelists Poppy Z. Brite, Christa Faust, and Caitlin Kiernan. These three ladies write horror at its most erotic and disturbing and are most definitely of a more deadly species than the male.  
Disinformation:   A cornucopia of weird, wonderful and worrying articles on everything from mind-control to mad science and mythology. Like the legendary Fortean Times only much cooler and, to be honest, better.  
The Den of Iniquity:   Features Diabolic Items for the Bookshelf and Ritual Chamber. High quality and discerning selection, but inclined to the demonic, so not recommended for those allergic to sulphur.  
The Poe Society of Baltimore:   Stakes its claim for Baltimore as Goth-godfather Edgar Allan Poe’s spiritual heartland – as well as his burial site – in this scholarly but entertaining resource.  
The Vampire's Crypt:   A magazine devoted to vampire literature: New fiction and criticism, poetry, graphics, book reviews and more.  
The Life & Work of Lord Byron:   Reference source for Byron. Includes several of his works online as well as an image gallery.  

Dracula's Castle:


A Window into East European History.

Earthlore Exploration:  

The comtempory relevance of cultural history,  

White Reapers Hideout:   The bigest and best archive of grim reaper graphics, plus lots of skull graphics that are free, plus lots more.   Storys ficton, non-ficton, poetry, plus much more...  


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