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Morbid Miscelannia & Fantastic Fragments
Mr Quilp has an extensive library containing texts and tomes of forbidden lore stretching back into the mists of history. They are not for sale – they are too valuable or dangerous for general consumption. But in the chaos of his dusty towers of books, odd fragments flutter free from his ageing collection – perfidious pages that will not be contained in a single volume. Some off these oddments – esoteric essays and mad musings – are presented for your delight and edification below. If you know a fascinating fact or wish to impart a few words on a favourite Gothic enthusiasm, please feel free to send it to Mr Quilp here at the Old Curiosity Shop. Perhaps when enough such shards of dark wisdom have been assembled, we may gain a glimpse at some greater, older truth. Perhaps it will rob us all of our wisdom to know too much. Mr Quilp, as your esteemed librarian, is willing to take such a risk. Are you?...
The Goth Bible
New Book on Goths, which Obliterates Stereotypes

Gilles de Rais, Grand Marshal of Hell
A 16 part serial article about the 15th Century nobleman.

Darkside of the Moon
An article on the Lunar Eclipse.

Dentistry of Darkness
A brief history of fangs.

The Fruit of Corruption
The Gothic Strawberry.

The RedCaps
the dark truth behind the origins of fairies.

The Order of the Dragon
Vlad the Impaler.

the Angel of Death

Gothic Berlin in 3 Days
Gavin Baddeley gets Gothic with the Germans on a Budget.

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