The Old Curiosity Shop

Background Information

Mr Quilp

Herein is the ‘who, what, where, when and why’ of the Old Curiosity Shop. Enter at your own peril. But, ah, you’re a friend aren’t you? Mr Quilp can tell. It’s in the eyes you know. I have a feeling you’re going to feel right at home here among the shadows, cobwebs and priceless artefacts of this most peculiar emporium. Pull up a chair – don’t worry about the rat – and allow us to explain.

What is it for?
The Old Curiosity Shop was born in 1999, and created as an online Gothic environment with the objective of quickly becoming the definitive epicentre for the genre. 'The Shop' has been developed for the mutual benefit of two parties:

  1) All the unique individuals everywhere who have an interest in the gothic culture, and
2) The thousands of small businesses around the world who, to some extent, rely on and cater to the ilk.

The Internet is both creating a survival threat to small businesses everywhere, and at the same time, providing the means by which to overcome it.

Collectively, the resources can be justified to maintain a superb site, and create a specialist gothic shopping emporium and environment that will attract the right customers in their thousands...if it's good enough.

We sincerely believe that, all drawn together, we can enrich each other’s lives and make GOTHIC more fun. Customers will have so much more to find, (and enjoy themselves at the same time), and businesses will have so many more customers. Just like a convention!

Mr Quilp would very much like to hear your views and suggestions, and anything that may offer to make the Old Curiosity Shop better for everyone...customers and shopkeepers.

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