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If you would like to have your own shop included in the OCS shopping emporium then click here for more information and a free trial!

Welcome to the Old Curiosity Shop: Shopping Emporium.

Established over five years ago the OCS Emporium is a major shopping portal for alternative, gothic and rock culture.

The website serves on average over 3,500 unique visitors every day. Many stay and join our growing community and many more shop in the stores contained within the Shopping Emporium.

Why join up to the Shopping Emporium?

Alchemy Gothic, one of the biggest names in alternaitve communities send all their online customers to us! All purchase enquiries from www.alchemygothic.com are sent to the Shopping Emporium, as you can imagine thats thousands of shoppers coming here. Thousands of shoppers who have selected to buy an Alchemy product. The emporium has visitors from many search engines too - from customers seeking gothic and alternative places to shop!

Free Trial:

First of all there NO CREDIT CARD DETAILS REQUIRED for the FREE TRIAL. Simply fill in you shop details using our registration form and your shop will be added. After three months, if you wish to remain in the Shopping Emporium you may pay either a monthly figure of 10 or get a two month discount when booking 12months in one go.

We will contact you after your three months no commitment trial period either by email or telephone to discuss your shop placement.

What do you need?

Signing up to the shopping emporium is simple. All you need are your shop details (name, website, email) a short description of your store that will feaure in your placement and a logo that will be used also. Once you have completed your details you will be asked to upload a jpeg file using our automated system.

It's that easy!

Sign up today and get access to thousands of our customers who are looking for shops!


How it all works:

The emporium is searched using store location. If you are based in the UK then your shop will appear when United Kingdom is selected by a user and so on.

The top results are included in a section called Premier Stores. Under the premier stores section all other shops are listed for the chosen area. Within each section the listing of shops is random and will change every time a user visits the page.

Randomized Results:

Thats right, when you visit a page in the emporium the stores listed in each section will have a random order! That mean all shops have equal exposure over time. Unlike other forms of online advertising no one can buy the top result. Everyone gets to have it which we believe is not only fair but helping to support the smaller businesses.

Premier Stores Sectoin:

The shopping emporium is sponsored by Alchemy Gothic. Any store selling the majority of Alchemy Gothic and Alchemy Poker product range will automatically be given Premier store status. This means that they shall appear in the first section of stores.

There is no entitlement to be feautred in this section. It is a sponsored area and only those who meet the criteria will be added to it. Results are ordered randomly.

Further Stores Section:

Under the premier section all other shops are listed for any given area. Results are ordered randomly.

After the three month trial period comes to an end stores are contacted to see if they wish to continue their listing. Currently the fees are as follows.

Pay per month:
£10 monthly fee.

Year Subscription.
£100 paid in full (provides a two month discount).

For all enquiries please contact us via email : info@oldcuriosityshop.net


Old Curiosity Shop