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Old Curiosity Shop : Gallery of Black Art / Dracula's Mirror - Surreal, Industrial and Black Fantasy Artworks

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Surgery Reporter1308 viewshttp://www.myspace.com/DrRazorblade
Blood for Baphomet910 viewsI had planned on visiting my beloved Rookwood Cemetary a few days ago, but to my disappointment, the rain just would not stop.
Vampire Since cameras and water don't play well together, I decided an indoor shoot would be more suitable. This gothic artwork is entitled 'Blood for Baphomet'
Cadiver Kami (Vampire).jpg
Cadiver Kami (Vampire)1143 viewsPhotoshop anime artwork of a character creation for vampire the masquerade.
Dark Angel1521 viewsOil painting on board by Gordon Napier www.dashinvaine.co.uk
samples of work781 viewsjust some samples of the work i've done. their mostly acrylic on board painted from photos, except the really good ones which i apologise about but my set up here is really basic. yin yang, mummy, ganga, r lifesize to 3-5 foot, cut out wood and painted. the mummy is life size. sos about pic quality, painter not photographer. am genuine, and my new gallery has closed b4 it bloody opened...bills. get a real hand painted portrait of ur partner cheap, board or canvas ur size spec e-mail jhnnybd67@yahoo.co.uk
Mecha-HAlo1194 viewshttp://www.myspace.com/DrRazorblade
I wasn't in the dark, really963 viewsWith such a cheap digital camera, it's hard to make a representative picture of me, but i think this one isn't too bad. Feel free to chat with me on doktor_von_krapulstein@hotmail.com but only on Msn, all stranger is forbidden to my inbox. I'm from Québec (Montréal). Passions are political and social matters, martial arts, dark stuff (not anything just to "be part of a group" like "goths" thow), woman, foreign cultures, and many others, ask me!
little helper.JPG
fluffy_ the_bloody_destroyer ... my id on mess768 viewspretty, am i?
From the Shadows1496 viewsMeh...
Don't look at me2220 viewsStare into my eyes... What do you see?
me749 viewswell basically its me messing around with my photo editor :)
fluffy the destroyer >:)839 viewsi love myself
Hello610 viewsSkull of destiny
Dark shadow come from my face...797 viewsDark shadow come from my face... I saw black light on the end of tunnel....
...1264 viewsDo I look that I would give a f**k?
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