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Old Curiosity Shop : Gallery of Black Art / Dracula's Mirror - Surreal, Industrial and Black Fantasy Artworks

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corintios1177 views
Blood never tasted so good.2023 viewsA vampire is drenching herself in blood.Its good so why not drink it?
Cure My Tragedy742 viewsOne of the many manips I have in my gallery. This is only half manipulated, as far as color goes.

My Gallery if you're interested: click here
Blood for Baphomet624 viewsI had planned on visiting my beloved Rookwood Cemetary a few days ago, but to my disappointment, the rain just would not stop.
Vampire Since cameras and water don't play well together, I decided an indoor shoot would be more suitable. This gothic artwork is entitled 'Blood for Baphomet'
Cadiver Kami (Vampire).jpg
Cadiver Kami (Vampire)1032 viewsPhotoshop anime artwork of a character creation for vampire the masquerade.
Dark Angel4797 views
Demonic Skull1341 viewsLife Drawing of a Demonic Skull (Side View) Fangs and all.
Sinister Minister898 viewsGreetings to all dark creatures.
I am a member of the OCS Forum, and I've wanted to send my photo here... I hope you all like it...
samples of work637 viewsjust some samples of the work i've done. their mostly acrylic on board painted from photos, except the really good ones which i apologise about but my set up here is really basic. yin yang, mummy, ganga, r lifesize to 3-5 foot, cut out wood and painted. the mummy is life size. sos about pic quality, painter not photographer. am genuine, and my new gallery has closed b4 it bloody opened...bills. get a real hand painted portrait of ur partner cheap, board or canvas ur size spec e-mail jhnnybd67@yahoo.co.uk
Magots are my friends.1598 viewsThey are mightly friendly when they crawl under my skin : |

I drew this. The name is GoF... Dont take without permission and crap.
talk to me on AIM at Random Bluu.
Sideshow1142 viewsAcrylic on canvas
View more of my work on my website:
Masked895 views...
Miss USA and Deamon391 viewsThis a piece designed for my tattoo website http://www.nyartman.com Please check it out to see more of my artwork.
See you in your nightmares...1842 viewsCopyright - Elfies-World - Maria van Bruggen


Silencing the Dark1133 viewsAnother manipulation in my gallery.

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